Justin Bieber Releases Two ‘Boyfriend’ Video Teasers… Sort Of (VIDEO)

If we didn't totally love Justin Bieber we'd totally hate him for torturing us with all these "Boyfriend" video teasers. We're loyal fans, right? We download all his music legally and retweet him on the regular, no? So why are you doing this to us, Biebs?!

We've got two "Boyfriend" video teasers to discuss: one is absolutely incredible, and the other, a horribly mean April Fool's joke, basically resembles what you might see if the effing world ended Justin Bieber accidentally became possessed by the devil. In the real "Boyfriend" video preview, we hear the intro to Justin's song and see a shimmering light cascade over his gorgeous face. (Too much?) As he stands against a black background, a plethora of female hands rise from the ground and start touching him... all over. As the luckiest hand models in the world continue to caress Justin, the teaser ends abruptly. Uh, THANKS.

Watch Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" video teasers after the jump.

But always the prankster, on April Fool's day Justin decided to play a joke on his fans and release a fake "Boyfriend" video teaser. JB unleashed the news via Twitter: "here. #2 - u deserve it. i love u. enjoy." The second preview features "Boyfriend" accompanied by a chorus of screams and a shot of the character Regan from the movie "The Exorcist" after she's been possessed. Not the nicest trick to play on your fans, Justin, but you're usually a pretty stand-up guy so we'll let this one slide. It might be nice to apologize to everyone by releasing the full video a little early so we can end the torturous wait? Or give every Belieber a lock of your hair. Either way.

+ Watch Justin Bieber's "Bofyriend" video teaser. (And check out the scary one, too.)

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