Justin Bieber Releases Yet Another ‘Boyfriend’ Video Teaser! Fire Is Involved! (VIDEO)

Watch Justin Bieber's second 'Boyfriend' video teaser.

OK, Justin Bieber, this is just getting a little rude! (JK, we could never be mad at JB -- have you seen his punim?!) But we're definitely getting a little miffed at how long he's making us wait to see the full version of his "Boyfriend" video. Just the other day Justin released the first "Boyfriend" video teaser, which featured several female hands rising from the ground and caressing Justin's sweet bod (too much?). Then, on April Fools' Day, Justin released a second, fake "Boyfriend" teaser, which pretty much consisted of him transforming into the chick from "The Exorcist." Sure, maybe that deserves a tiny "haha," but in actuality, pretending Justin Bieber's face was taken over by the devil is NOT EVEN A LITTLE FUNNY.

Watch Justin Bieber's second "Boyfriend" video teaser after the jump.

In this second, real version of his "Boyfriend" video teaser, Justin's song plays as we see footage of him sinking down to the bottom of a pool -- DRAMZ! Then the clip cuts to an ominous shot of JB standing in front of a tire swing THAT IS ON FIRE. Not sure what any of this means, but we're sincerely hoping the plotline doesn't turn into Justin getting attacked by a crazy ex who ends his life by drowning him in a pool! Aside from the fact that we never wanna see Justin fake his death, 96 million Beliebers would have a fit and probably send death threats to the actress who played his nemesis. You all know it's true.

+ Watch Justin Bieber's second "Boyfriend" video teaser.

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