Justin Bieber Reportedly Bought A New Mansion! And It’s BALLER!

Justin Bieber just turned 18 (happy birthday, boo!) and he's already balling harder than most celebrities, oil tycoons, hedge fund managers, princes, and everyone else who's loaded and supposed to ball hard.

As a lil' b-day prezzie to himself, the Biebs reportedly shelled out a chill $10.8 million on a Los Angeles mansion. Previously rented by Ashton Kutcher for a cool $50,000 per month, Justin's brand-new 91,000-square-foot pad (!!!) boasts five bedrooms, a gym, a state-of-the-art kitchen, a bar, a movie theater and -- wait for it -- a private massage room. The joint also has stunning views of the Hollywood Hills, an infinity style pool and basically anything else anyone could ever want or need.

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While this is still just speculation, rumor has it that Justin's ladyfriend Selena Gomez may be moving in to Justin's new house, too. Not only does this mean that Justin will now officially be the happiest 18-year-old on Earth, but it also means he pretty much never has to leave his house for anything! He's got his pool for exercise, a movie theater for entertainment, a kitchen for hiring a five-star chef cooking, a private massage room for an impromptu spa day, and his girl for... well, we'll leave that one blank! Mazel tov on your new digs, Justin. When you ball, you ball hard.

+ Check out photos of Justin Bieber's reported new mansion!

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