Justin Bieber Takes His Little Brother And Sister On Vacation: Raddest Big Brother EVAR! (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber takes his little bro Jaxon and little sis Jazmyn on a fun vacation!


Having Justin Bieber as your big brother has to be pretty unbelievable (or unbeliebable). Because if you WANTED to, you could just up and meet your favorite celebrity through his mad connections (okay, well, maybe JB's little bro Jaxon and little sis Jazmyn are still too young to appreciate a chance to meet Usher, but one day they WILL!). Plus, JB has probably got a sick pre-arranged college fund for both those kids. (No student debt? WIN!) But here's a fame perk the Bieber tots CAN appreciate: a day at the beach! That and the satisfaction of knowing that half of the entire world will have a major "AWW" attack when their big bro features them on his Instagram.

In between trying to outdo the Grammys releasing his brand-new track, "You Want Me," Justin made room for family time while on vacation at an undisclosed location (see how we tried to make JB sound like 007?). From what it looks like, the Biebs clan is on an extra fancy boat somewhere in the middle of stunning, serene blue ocean water. Not to be all "mom time!" or whatever, but can somebody get those kids some life jackets?! I guess if worse comes to worse, everyone can just use Justin's milli-pack abs as a floatation device should a "Jaws" situation go down. Rock-hard muscle floats, right? (Whatever, we were just trying to casually mention Justin's ripped body again without sounding like total creepers.)

Photo credit: @JustinBieber

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