Justin Bieber Talks Collaborating With Taylor Swift (!!!)

Justin Bieber discusses his 'Boyfriend' video with MTV News.

Justin Bieber has been killing us by keeping his full-length "Boyfriend" video all to himself. He's already released several teaser clips, and we've almost gotten fired for watching them so many times at work. But now! Now he's spilling deets on his forthcoming collaboration with Taylor Swift!!!!!!1!!1!!!!!) You tryna kill us, dawg?

Read more about Justin Bieber's collabo with Taylor Swift after the jump.

Justin recently paid a visit to Capital FM where he confirmed that Believe will boast a collaboration with none other than his girlfriend Selena Gomez's BFF, Taylor Swift. Yes, that Taylor Swift. (We'll pause for shrieks and gasps... OK.) Justin says, "We worked with Mike Posner for 'Boyfriend' so that turned out well... It's crazy. I mean, I even wrote a song with Taylor Swift, so the whole album ranges differently."

We don't know if Justin only wrote a song with Taylor or if they'll actually be singing on the same track, but the point is JUSTIN BIEBER AND TAYLOR SWIFT MADE A SONG TOGETHER. If they did record a song together, here's how we think it will go: Taylor will sing, "My last boyfriend broke my heart," and then Justin will pop in all, "Don't worry, girl, we'll never be apart." Boom, top of the charts. Yo Biebs, hit me up next time you need a hit single.

+ Check out Justin Bieber discussing his "Boyfriend" video with MTV News below.

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