Justin Bieber Uses The CHEESIEST Pickup Lines (VIDEO)

Sure, Justin Bieber sings about all his being the perfect dude in his new single, "Boyfriend," but does he really walk the walk? The singer has taken to Twitter to share two videos of him practicing his favorite pickup lines (joke favorites, we hope) to promote the new single. WARNING: These one-liners are INCREDIBLY bad and should only be practiced by a professional woo master like Justin. (Also, if this how Biebs seriously hits on women, then... um... OK?)

Watch Justin Bieber's pickup-line videos after the jump.

To promote his first Believe single (which doesn't need much help as the tune is already clocking in more than 500K sales), Justin is lending some of his famous swag to all the wannabe boyfriends out there. The first pickup-line video Justin tweeted shows him brooding in front of a faux fireplace. And while you may already be swooning imagining such a scenario, Justin starts in with a line about sharing some fondue. (We're guessing he means the cheesy kind and not the chocolate kind.) Another clip catches Justin chilling in a fake arctic scene while rubbing his hands together to keep warm. Bro drops some game about it being cold because he's all alone and wanting us by his side. Kid must be straight-up fooled if he thinks that line's gonna work on us... JK! How can anyone give Justin the cold shoulder in the cold?!

We obviously have no idea if Justin actually used one of these gems to pick up his GF Selena Gomez. But we have a hunch that the dude could walk in to a room drooling with crossed eyes and still leave the with a boo on each arm.

+ Watch Justin Bieber's pickup-line videos.

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