Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Are Batman And Catwoman For Halloween, Officially Making Them The King And Queen Of Costumes (PHOTO)

Kimye take Halloween one step further as Batman and Catwoman.

So, here's the part where we say, "But Kimye, didn't you guys already dress up as a sailor who loves a mermaid for Halloween?" Well, we guess one costume wasn't enough, because Kanye West and Kim Kardashian also dressed up as Batman and KatCatwoman last night! We guess they just really, really love costumes!

For her part, Kim Kardashian is a STUNNINGLY sexy Catwoman in a tight, black leather bodysuit (ROWR) and bold red lipstick and heavy eyeliner. (Then again, when isn't a Kardashian in heavy eyeliner, you know?) Kanye, on the other hand, looks like he might be regretting his costume choice. 'Yeezy looks a little...shall we say, wheezy (we tried) encased in a plastic/metal/rubber-looking Batman suit. (Though, props on that utility belt.) As manly and "Defender-Of-Gotham-City" as he seems, he also kind of looks like his costume might be eating him alive. At the very least, it certainly doesn't look like that suit lends itself to dancing, right? In fact, didn't Christian Bale from "The Dark Knight Rises" claim that his suit "almost suffocated him"? Maybe next time try something a little more aerodynamic, Kanye. But hey, don't get rid of the suit just yet -- there's always Comic Con!

Photo credit: Splash News

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