Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Coordinated Their Halloween Costumes, Obviously (PHOTOS)

Kimye coordinated Halloween costumes, and OMG we're jealous.

Maybe we'd like couples' Halloween costumes more if we were, you know, actually in a couple, but we'll tolerate the tradition just 'cause we like seeing our fave celebs looking obnoxiously cute. That in mind, did you see Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's totally adorbs couples-coordinated ensemble???

"Kimye" got into the Halloween spirit by dressing as a sailor and a mermaid (who are dating each other) for the Midori Green Halloween party. And if you're wondering how it's possible that these two could look so comfortable rocking coordinated costumes, maybe it's because it's not their first dress-up party! Way back in 2008, when they were still, ya know, "just friends," Kim and Kanye totally dressed up as "Star Wars" characters (Princess Leia and a Storm Trooper, in case you were wondering). Who knew that only a few years later they'd be engaged (pun intended) in a full-on PDA-sesh at Jay-Z's Made In America Festivalco-starring in VMA promo spots, and most crucially, SNUGGLINGThe couple that dresses together stays together (or something)! It might also help that they're both loaded and can do fun things like chill with Nelly and Ashanti and buy cute cats to keep things interesting. But we know they'd be a totally functioning couple without the cat or Nelshanti, too.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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