Kanye West Sang Old-School Hits And Brand-New Tracks At Last Night’s Adult Swim Upfront (PHOTO)

 Kanye West unveiled new material at last night's Adult Swim Upfront.

Kanye West unveiled new material in a pyramid at last night's Adult Swim Upfront.

I know it makes me WAY less cool to say this out loud, but I did feel pretty special attending a private Kanye West gig last night. Kanye was the guest performer at the beautifully curated Adult Swim Upfront event at New York's Roseland Ballroom, and while I was expecting him to to play for maybe 30 minutes max, Kim Kardashian's side eye-loving baby daddy whipped out a nearly 90-minute set, which -- needless to say -- made the celeb-packed room VERY HAPPY.

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Decked in all-white everything, Kanye took the stage at about 10:40 p.m. Wait, pardon me, did I say stage? Because I quite literally meant a tricked-out pyramid-shaped mosquito net. Veiled by his obscuring, yet totally Kanye-esque mosquito net/pyramid situation, Kanye kicked off a hit-filled performance, whipping out classics like "Good Life," "Jesus Walks," "Heartless," "All Of The Lights," and an extended version of "Runaway."

Then, after what I like to call a "petite rant" (i.e. not long enough to be considered a full rant, but definitely a momentary Kanye hate-fueled paparazzi-themed blackout), Yeezy sang some brand-new material, aka a new record we're unofficially referring to as "awesome" that HAS TO BE about Kim and her "momager," Kris Jenner: "Cause baby you're awesome/ You don't need to listen to your manager/ I know you just be tired from running through my mind/ Can I come inside?/ Cuz baby you're awesome/ And I'm also awesome." Dayum, that's some mad family dramz, right there! Hoping that all cools down before Blue Ivy's future bestie pops out the oven!

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