Kaskade Heads Out On ‘Freaks Of Nature’ Tour, Gives Us Full-Body Chills (VIDEO)

What is it about big euphoric synths and massive beat drops that makes all the hair on our bodies stand up on end? We don't know, but it literally happened just now as we were watching the promo video Kaskade has released for his upcoming summer tour. See, Kaskade (who was voted America's Best DJ in 2011, no big) knows that wherever he goes is where the party's at, which is why he's carving out some time this summer to traverse the United States and Canada giving us some of the most jaw-droppingly rad EDM chills ev-ah on his "Freaks Of Nature" tour. "California I have not forgotten you," the video explains. Good, Kaskade. Because California hasn't forgotten you, either. And neither have any of the other 49 states. Or 10 provinces. (Yes, we had to look up how many provinces there are. Don't judge us.)

In short, Kaskade will be filling up stadiums all around North America, which means that if you live in either of those cities and you want to stand in an auditorium full of glitter-dusted glowstick-clutching party animals getting your eardrums blown out, you should probably grab some tix. And yeah, this probably goes without saying, but we'll see you there.

+ Watch Kaskade's "Freaks Of Nature" tour preview video below, check out all the "Freaks Of Nature" tour dates over at MTV Newsroom and watch his latest video with Skrillex, "Lick It," after the jump.

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