Katie Couric acknowledges one-sided violent video games report

Network journalist acknowledges one-sided violent video game report; invitations to Bungie and the Entertainment Software Association were declined.


Journalist Katie Couric has acknowledged the misrepresentation of gamers in her recent hour-long report on violent video games.

Following the broadcast of the show, Couric reached out via social media network Twitter to encourage those who were upset by the segment to send messages that spoke of the positive side of video games.

Couric has since acknowledged the report was one-sided, stating, "It probably would have been a good idea to have somebody on the other side of the debate". Couric added that efforts were made to invite industry body the Entertainment Software Association and game developer Bungie onto the show. Both parties had declined.

The special report, titled "Are Video Games Ruining Your Life?" was aired on April 29. The segment included a testimony from Daniel Petric, who cited video games as being a "catalyst" for shooting and killing his mother on October 20, 2007.

Highlights from the report can be viewed on the Katie website.

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