Katy Perry And Sia Go Cross-Eyed In The Studio, AKA Katy’s Still The Funny Face Queen (PHOTO)

Katy Perry and Sia go cross-eyed from their Red Bull buzz.

OMG! Not only are we flipping our ish over the fact that Katy Perry IS BACK IN THE RECORDING STUDIO (!!!), but she's back in the recording studio with Sia (you know, the singer-songwriter who wrote Rihanna's "Diamonds" AND collaborated with David Guetta, Christina Aguliera, and Ke$ha). And just in case you needed another reminder that Katy Perry is the planet's most beautiful pop princess, here she is totally cross-eyed and STILL somehow manages to look flawless. Side note: This and yesterday's Destiny's Child's fish kiss snapshot is basically why we love our jobs. #BLESSED

The "Firework" singer tweeted the photo of her and Sia IN THE RECORDING STUDIO (we really can't get over this, hence the all caps) with the caption, "This studio session has just taken a turn." We already knew Katy had a silly personality (remember when she dressed like a '70s game show host and looked like a nerd queen in her "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)" video?), but this pic just proves that she doesn't need props to be goofy -- just some potent energy drinks. Actually, if you ask us, Katy and Sia are keeping it pretty tame with their Red Bulls. Last time we late-night binged on energy drinks, we didn't sleep for days, cleaned our cleaning products, AND organized our entire book collection by the authors' birthdays (VERY true story).

Photo credit: @katyperry

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