Katy Perry Covers Watch The Throne’s ‘Paris’! Don’t Hate Us ‘Cause We Like It (VIDEO)

Katy Perry's been in London enjoying the sites and sounds across the pond and prepping for the release of her Army-tastic "Part Of Me" video, which we're already dubbing our "favorite Katy video ever even though we haven't seen the whole thing." (P.S. It premieres Wednesday, March 21, on MTV. And don't miss "MTV First: Katy Perry" immediately after the premiere!) Katy also took some time out from drinking tea and eating biscuits to hit up BBC Radio 1 for a live performance, and homegirl went gorillas -- she covered Watch The Throne's "Paris." WE KNOW.

Watch Katy Perry cover Jay-Z and Kanye West's "Paris" after the jump.

"I just want to say," Katy opens after she puts on a slick Yankees cap, "We're gonna skate to one song and one song only... This is about to get real embarrassing." Katy's band then launches into a full-on "Paris" cover -- it's a little toned down, not quite as kaleidoscope effect-y as the original (read: seizure inducing), and Katy changes all the curses into PG words like the good teen idol she is.

The thing about tackling not only an iconic song (we're calling it that now, right?), but a song that's so wildly out of your genre is that you have to commit. You can't half-ass a cover of Jay-Z and Kanye West. And unsurprisingly, Katy Perry doesn't. Add yet one more thing to a list of reasons why she's our imaginary girlfriend.

+ Watch Katy Perry cover Jay-Z and Kanye West's "Paris."

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