Katy Perry Is The New Face Of Popchips! (PHOTO)

Popchips get Katy Perry's co-sign.

Never thought I'd say this, but Katy Perry's new product endorsement makes me curiously hungry for starch in a bag! Pardon us, did we say starch? Because we actually meant the incredible, gluten-free snack that is Popchips!

Katy Perry recently signed on as a Popchips spokesperson and investor and proudly posed next to her favorite snack for the official endorsement press photo. A true testament to the power of social networking (and stackin' that paper), Katy Perry has Twitter to thank for her latest business venture. As the story goes, while doing press promoting her "Part Of Me" film, Katy found herself hungry late at night. Instead of choosing something unhealthy (i.e. an entire 14-slice pizza pie with extra mushrooms -- welcome to my life), she popped some Popchips from the hotel minibar, she was immediately hooked and tweeted about her new obsession to all her followers. Popchips took note, and BOOM! An endorsement deal was born. I won't deny that even without Katy's co-sign I've been known to down a bag (or seven) of Popchips' Salt & Vinegar chips.  Now, maybe I'll only go for, say, three bags, because Katy Perry probably didn't get that hot by eating EVERY BAG IN SIGHT. THANK GOD, a reason to moderate.

Photo credit: WENN

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