Katy Perry Looks SO HAPPY With Her Rumored New Boyfriend! (PHOTO)

Katy Perry hangs with rumored new boyfriend Robert Ackroyd.

For Katy Perry, both weekends of Coachella consisted primarily of wearing adorable floral ensembles, dancing with her BFF, Rihanna, and holding hands/flashing her megawatt smile while in the embrace of rumored new boyfriendFlorence + The Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd. Essentially, Katy's living out a real life "Teenage Dream" (while we seethe with jealousy).

Though nothing has been confirmed, by the look of it, "The Katy And Robert Project" is in full swing. The "Part Of Me" singer was swept up in the arms of her reported new flame, after they (probably) gallivanted around Coachella making googly eyes at each other, inevitably making all the other couples feel unattractive inadequate. Also, because Coachella is, you know, held in the desert it was likely 95 degrees when this photo was snapped, yet neither Perry nor her man are sweating one bit. In fact, they both look completely matte! Finally, who can I pay to figure out where Katy got that outfit? I need to wear it tonight when I trot around town with my musician boyfriend. (Sadly, we all know that last part is just not true.)

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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