Katy Perry Poses Next To A Giant Inflatable Strawberry, Because Duh (PHOTO)

Katy Perry loves her some strawberries!

Just call her Katy Berry (ba dum, ching!) because Katy Perry loves her some fruit, and she's not afraid to show it. We're not even really that shocked that Katy tweeted a photo of herself and a pal goofing off next to a giant blow-up strawberry -- remember that banana incident? We're so used to seeing pop stars promoting liquor, cars and clothing, so it's nice to see that the "Wide Awake" singer is all about fresh produce.

Along with the adorable shot of her and a pal jumping next to the blow-up 'berry, Katy tweeted, "WE LOVE FRUIT!" Yeah, me too, sister, but the main difference here is that now you're going to get a free lifetime supply of Drsicoll's whereas I'm still going to have to hoof it over to Whole Foods and spend five bucks a box. Such is life as a normal person, but props on the healthy food choices, girl!

Photo credit: @katyperry

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