Ke$ha Channels Lady Gaga, David Bowie, And John Lennon All In One Moment! (PHOTO)

Ke$ha heads out in London in a Lady Gaga/ David Bowie/ John Lennon hybrid outfit!

Ke$ha's a Lady Gaga-meets-David Bowie-meets-John Lennon hybrid!

Who knew Ke$ha had so many hobbies?! One day she's into the Illuminati, then taking up with furries, then after all that, she's standing on her head like a proper yogi! And just when we're like, "Naw, y'all -- we've seen it all," here's Ke$ha mashing up pop star styles in a gold suit and round sunglasses that's one part Lady Gaga, three parts David Bowie, and a splash of John Lennon. Hey, if we were rich celebs, we'd be changing our hobbies on the daily too! (But until then, we're just going to stick to our very affordable "obsess over what stars are doing in their free time" hobby.)

The "C'Mon" singer was photographed leaving Capital Radio in London looking like a perfect cross between weirdo Gagaloo, a gender-bending David Bowie, and John Lennon circa 1979. Guys, she probably wanted to dress like rock stars from Britain so she wouldn't look like such a tourist! Actually, can we include "How to pack like a a pop star" on our "stuff we hope Ke$ha's forthcoming documentary will explain" wish list? She could tell us how to properly pack our bags so we'll save room, take all necessary toiletries, AND emerge resembling a sparkly rock god. And then maybe she could include another quick tip on how to get 10 pounds of glitter past customs.

Photo credit: Splash News

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