Ke$ha Definitely Forgot Her Underwear At The 2013 Billboard Music Awards (PHOTO)

Ke$ha forgot her underwear at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards!

Ke$ha's wearing underwear... right?! (Nope.)

Leave it to Ke$ha to take the sideboob trend to a whole new level... with some side-butt! At first we were all, "WOAH! Is that K-$ looking all glammed up? What happened to her corn rolls and thick-rimmed glasses?! Girl looks so sophisticated and normal!" But then of course she turned to the side and we were all, WHOOP there it is. But now we have bigger questions like, did Ke$ha forget to put on underwear? Is there a butt pasty involved? I mean, we could guess how overwhelming it must be to get ready for an award show, and you're bound to forget something. But most people just forget their wallet or keys... Except obviously not Ke$ha. We don't want to even think about where she keeps her wallet and keys.

The "C'Mon" singer was snapped arriving to the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, where she served some side-butt realness. And if we've learned anything about the Illuminati lover from her "Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life" docu-series, it's basically that she's always full of surprises -- let's all just be happy she didn't arrive with a beard, OK? Oh, and we were also totally kidding about her not wearing any underwear! Of course she's wearing it! We think... Right? (Hope she doesn't step in front of a particularly windy sidewalk grate!) But yeah, how about we just let this whole underwear thing go because, well, knowing Ke$ha -- we don't really want to know the real answer.

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