Ke$ha Tweets A Photo Of Herself Peeing In The Street. Because Of Course

Ke$ha should stick to glitter, not peeing on the street.

While we have a verrry strict "keep the door closed when using the bathroom" policy around here, Ke$ha clearly has a much different outlook (um, it's understatement o'clock). We get that Ke$ha's like, the queen of IDGAF (see also her recent mooning moment), but Ke$ha took it upon herself to tweet a photo of herself peeing on the street in L.A. and then shared it WITH THE ENTIRE WORLD! We can't even... Also, people of L.A., YOU ARE NOT SAFE!

The "Blow" singer snapped the GYOP (which, in this case, the "G" stands for GROSS!!!) and tweeted it along with the caption "pee pee on the street. PoPo come n get me if u can find meeee. I blame traffik." At first we thought Ke$ha was possibly sharing new lyrics for some song's she's been working on (they're sorta poetic... in a very Ke$ha way), but the photo she leaked (pee wordplay!) proves that she's taking care of a whole other kind of business.

We can't judge Ke$ha too much (you're lying if  you've never pulled a pee moment in public after a late night of barhopping downing too many Big Gulps), but may we suggest that the same "voice" that told Nicki Minaj to dump Twitter start whispering some serious "TMI, girl" ish in Ke$ha's ear?



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