Kelly Rowland Looks Like A ’60s Babe In Her ‘Ice’ Video + Hot Shirtless Men! (PHOTOS)

Kelly Rowland's new "Ice" video looks like it's gonna be EPIC.

Kelly Rowland could basically wear a used garbage bag and still look totally and completely STUNNING, so imagine how hot she must look in a bikini top and a '60s inspired bob-wig! Yep...pretty damn hot.

Check out behind-the-scenes photos from Kelly Rowland's 'Ice' video after the jump.

To remind you, Kelly's been on her collaboration grind as of late, hitting the studio with Ludacris for their banger "Representing" and Sean Paul for their smash "How Deep Is Your Love?" And now she's teaming with Lil Wayne on "Ice."

From what from we can tell, "Ice"s visuals will include amazing things like Kelly Rowland sporting a bob haircut, showing off her stunning figure, and many MANY shirtless, multipacked, male models! Thankfully, Kelly tweeted some behind-the-scenes photos from the set of her "Ice" video, and while we can't reeaaaally tell what's going on, we can see enough to confirm that Kelly's bod is still, how shall we say, SICK, and then of course -- the models! No deets on any sort of plotline just yet, but suffice it to say that we'll love this video no matter what it's about, because Kelly Rowland! We've missed her! And did we mention the half-naked men? Sorry, this is PG blog, and we're gonna cool it now.

Photo credit: @KellyRowland

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