Kevin Jonas Announces New Reality Show, ‘Married To Jonas’

Kevin Jonas and Danielle Jonas are adorable, and now we can watch them on TV!

OMG, ZOMG and all other forms of exclamation in caps, because HOLY EFF, Kevin Jonas has announced his new reality show,"Married To Jonas." In partnership with Ryan Seacrest, "Married To Jonas" will not only capture Kevin and his wife Danielle's married life, but will also follow Kev alongside his bros Nick and Joe as they record a new Jonas Brothers album! Not to get all spiritual and stuff, but PRAISE! Not only are we getting a Jonas-themed reality show, but we're getting a fresh JoBros album, too. Too good!

Read more about "Married To Jonas" after the jump. 

On his new show, Ryan Seacrest explains: "I vividly recall believing from the very first time that I met them that the Jonas Brothers would, without a doubt, become a worldwide cultural sensation. When we learned that Dani married Kevin, our production team became curious about what life would be like for a young bride... looking through the lens of young love, the show will examine the ups and downs of Dani and Kevin's marriage, against the backdrop of their contrasting family cultures, traditions and individual careers." Essentially, what this all means is that we're going to get an inside look at Kev and Dani being all lovey-dovey in their giant mansion, going on lavish vacations, pretending to fight about what they're going to have for dinner, and bickering about what color they should repaint the guest house. So yeah, best show on television! The only flaw we can find is that Dani is the one married to Kevin, NOT US.

Look out for "Married To Jonas," premiering August 19 on E!

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