Kim Kardashian And Psy Throw Their Deuces Up At The 2012 MTV EMA (PHOTO)

This photo of Psy and Kim Kardashiann is officially OUR EVERYTHING.

The 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards has yielded tons of incredible moments, like that one time David Hasselhoff met Taylor Swift, that other time Taylor and Lana Del Rey became best friends, and most crucially, the moment when Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got laid! That's right, you heard us -- laid. But never in our wildest dreams did we think this award show would birth the most stunning photo of all time, aka the Kim Kardashian and Psy photo the WORLD HAS BEEN WAITING FOR. Praise!

Read more about Kim Kardashian and Psy's encounter at the 2012 MTV EMA after the jump.

When Psy wasn't busy tearing up the EMA stage with his performance of "Gangnam Style," he was off looking dapper and throwing deuces with Kim Kardashian, aka one half of Kimye. Honestly, we're not trying to start anything or whatever, but it's kiiiiiind of an adorable coincidence that both Kim and Psy are matching in black satin! We know it's just a twist of fashion fate, but you certainly can't blame us for noticing the cute. Wait, maybe this means Psy will be the entertainment at Kimye's future wedding!? Eh, in reality it'll probably be Jay-Z, but after this EMA-bonding sesh, Psy is at LEAST making the guest list.

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