Lady Gaga Is Out Of Her Golden Wheelchair And Back To Confusing Us On Social Media! (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga's up and out of her golden wheelchair!

Lady Gaga's up and at 'em...and back to posting cryptic photos!

It feels like it's been a hot FOREVER since we last heard from Lady Gaga, who recently disappeared from her "Born This Way Ball" tour to heal from her hip surgery. Well, PUH-RAISE the 'net, 'cause it looks like GAGALOO has officially left her 24-karat golden wheelchair and is back to stumping the world with cryptic/artistic/metaphorical/what-the-eff-does-it-all-MEAN photos. What? Did you expect her first major internet comeback pic to be some lame-ass duckface selfie? Psh. PLEASE.

The "Lady Is A Tramp" singer shared her photo on along with the very thought-provoking caption: "It is a dangerous place where we put ART, but sacred where we make it." At first we thought Gaga was quoting some mastermind artistic genius (like Versace -- hence the tape across the singer's eyes), but after some thorough Google research it seems safe to say that this caption is Mother Monster's very own poetic genius. Hey! Maybe it's a lyric from her upcoming ARTPOP album?? Or maybe she's hinting at a new line of inspirational refrigerator magnets for art students? Either way: Welcome back, Gaga! We missed you and your mysterious ways!

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