Lady Gaga Poses With A VERY Devoted Fan In Taiwan (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga poses with the Taiwanese fan that waited 7 days to see her!

With all the LOLing we often do over Lady Gaga's many craaaazy outfits, we mostly just wanna hug the ish out of her (hopefully without getting meat juice all over ourselves in the process) -- especially when she takes time out of her INSANELY busy sched to pose with a devoted fan! Mother Monster is officially the most down-to-earth pop star there is... um, you know what we mean.

The "Edge Of Glory" singer shared a photo of herself hanging with the fan on Twitter along with a caption that explains the really amazing situation: "Me and the first fan to arrive at Taiwan BTW Ball. He waited 7 days switching off w friends so he could go to school." We already know that Gaga has a heart of rainbows (she did start the Born This Way Foundation), but taking a pic with the dude was the least Gaga could do. She's been experiencing tons of unsupportive mayhem while touring on the other side of the world, but the fact that this fan waited AN ENTIRE WEEK for Gaga's arrival is like, pure devotion -- we lose our patience just having to watch those annoying 30-second commercials before a clip plays on YouTube. #FirstWorldProblems

Photo credit: @ladygaga

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