Lady Gaga Tweets GLAM Photo Of Herself In A High School Play, And She Hasn’t Aged A Day Since (PHOTO)

Like we'd ever doubt Lady Gaga was a baller in high school! Never.

We'd all like to think we've evolved past our high school selves. But if this picture of Lady Gaga proves anything, it's that she was just as comfortable rocking a full face of makeup and Marilyn Monroe-esque wig in high school as she is now. Little Monsters and Gaga Stans alike: Please feast your eyes on this incredible photo of Lady Gaga in A HIGH SCHOOL PLAY -- specifically Adelaide in "Guys and Dolls." She got the lead role, DUH.)

Mother Monster tweeted the school photo earlier today along with the caption, "some things never's a photo of my in high school in the school play (set that wig + did my own makeup!)." Well, girl, that may not be entirely true, because a few things HAVE changed, and here they are! You're at the top of Forbes World's Most Powerful Women list, you now have Lady Gaga makeup and perfume, and you sometimes look this this. But inside you're the same!

Photo credit: @ladygaga

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