Legless Peach Amiibo Sells for $25,000

The legless Princess Peach Amiibo a reader tipped us off to and subsequently posted for sale has sold for more than $25,000 on auction site eBay.

After more than 100 bids from 17 people, the factory-sealed toy--which normally sells for $13--went for $25,100 to a user with a high rating.

This suggests the deal will be finalized, though we've followed up with the seller to find out for sure. The manufacturing "defect" Peach Amiibo was purchased at Best Buy, and it appears the "no legs" mistake wasn't a one-off occurrence.

There are a handful of other legless Peach Amiibo toys on sale currently through eBay, as well as a "breakdancing" Peach and a Peach whose legs were apparently assembled backwards.

In other Amiibo defect news, a Samus Aran toy with two arm-cannons instead of one sold for $2,500 earlier this month. I am actually quite excited to see what comes next.

Since we're on the subject, what Amiibo manufacturing error would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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