Liam Hemsworth Delighted ‘Hunger Games’ Doesn’t Suck

'I'm very, very proud of it, and I think it's an extremely powerful film,' actor tells MTV News.
By Kevin P. Sullivan, with reporting by Josh Horowitz

Liam Hemsworth at the "Hunger Games" premiere
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His character, Gale, might not head into the arena himself, but Liam Hemsworth was at the center of the chaos of the black carpet at the world premiere of "The Hunger Games."

Hemsworth walked the carpet in Los Angeles to the delight of Team Gale members everywhere. Though he'll only appear in the first part of the movie, Gale is Katniss' childhood friend and support system in District 12 before she heads off to the arena to compete in the Hunger Games. He's also the face of an entire fanbase who root for him in his quest for Katniss' heart.

Speaking honestly with MTV News' Josh Horowitz, Hemsworth admitted that he was feeling his nerves. "I'm a little overwhelmed. I'm very, very excited to be here," he said. "I honestly don't know if we did know what we were getting into. It wasn't nearly as huge as it [was] when I signed on. It seems to be growing more and more, but I'm very fortunate to be a part of it."

The passion of "Hunger Games" fans is not lost on Hemsworth, who said how appreciative he was of their support. "The fans that I have met so far have been nothing but supportive and extremely passionate about the books," he said. "I feel so honored to meet all these people. Something like this, which I think is bigger than anyone in the film, it's pretty crazy."

When you're involved with something with such a strong built-in audience like "The Hunger Games," the main thing you have to consider is quality. Hemsworth worried briefly, but had his fears put to rest when he saw the finished project.

"Originally, I had told everyone that I was going to go see it on my own. It's always pretty nerve-racking, seeing it for the first time, especially because there was so much expectation around it. I really didn't want it to suck," Hemsworth said. "I feel a lot better now. I'm very, very proud of it, and I think it's an extremely powerful film. I feel a lot more at ease than I did before seeing it."

Gale will get to see a lot more action in the upcoming films, something Hemsworth is looking forward to. "If we get to shoot the third one, which I'm really hoping we do, the third one's great," he said. "There's a big uprising and rebellion, and my character Gale's a big part of that. If we get to shoot that, I'll be very, very pleased."

While he'll get to do more in the next movies, he won't be victorious in winning the heart of Katniss. Hemsworth said that their relationship takes on a different form. "My character's kind of grown up with Katniss. The beginning of the story, they're more or less brother and sister than anything," he said. "They're best friends. They've been keeping each other alive. It's a little frustrating, for the character. As the character, not as me."

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