Listen To A Preview Of Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Dance Again’

Dance floors and workout playlists, rejoice! Jennifer Lopez takes us back to her club roots on her latest track, and it's making us sweat like crazy. While the recently released 19-second snippet of her new tune "Dance Again" offers just a hint of the hit, J. Lo sticks to the perfect recipe of what always works: Pair up two of the hottest names in music (Pitbull and RedOne -- two dudes who also happened to bring her just a little success in "On The Floor"), then serve up one spicy smash.

Listen to a preview of Jennifer Lopez's "Dance Again" after the jump.

"Dance Again" pays homage to Jenny From The Block's 1999 party anthem "Waiting For Tonight" in the sexy, energetic beat. While the hearty synths and booming bass promise hands in the air, the chorus demands celebrating the simple pleasures of life (and also happens to be our personal mantra): "I wanna dance/ And love/ And dance again." Basically, J. Lo has set our Saturday night "to-do" list to music, and we have no problem trying to get it accomplished.

The full version of "Dance Again" is set to drop March 30 and is rumored to be on Jennifer Lopez's forthcoming Greatest Hits album.

+ Listen to a preview of Jennifer Lopez's new song, "Dance Again."

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