Listen To A Preview Of Madonna’s ‘I Don’t Give A,’ Featuring Nicki Minaj

Madonna teases us with her 'I Don't Give A' tune, featuring Nicki Minaj.

It's obvs that Madonna harbors some sort of magical power that puts trances on dance floors, but she also has the ability to maintain the world's sanity: by releasing song snippets from her INSANELY anticipated MDNA album. (P.S., GORG album promo pics!) We've heard pieces of "I'm Addicted" and "Superstar," and now the Queen of Pop teases us with "I Don't Give A" -- a tune that reunites her with rapper and fellow Super Bowl BFF, Nicki Minaj.

Listen to a preview of Madonna's "I Don't Give A," featuring Nicki Minaj, after the jump.

Madonna's "I Don't Give A" takes her life-long mantra of confidently ignoring haters and turns it into a dance anthem to live by. The minute-long snippet offers a simple electronic, syncopated beat paired with Madge's infamous "haters gonna hate" perspective in the lyrics: "Gonna live fast/ Can you follow my track/ I'm livin' fast / And I like it like that/ I do ten things all at once/ And if you have a problem/ I don't give a." Then it's Nicki's turn and she slays it, per usual. Are you surprised?

Rumor has it ('cause when isn't there gossip about Madonna?) the song may actually be about her messy divorce from Guy Ritchie. But we'd prefer to think Madonna's tune is actually a self-help anthem. Stop giving a f---, ladies!

+ Listen to the preview of Madonna featuring Nicki Minaj, "I Don't Give A."

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