Listen To A Preview Of Taylor Swift’s ‘Eyes Open’ From ‘The Hunger Games’ Soundtrack

I'm starting to wonder if Taylor Swift is in cahoots with the Capitol since they're both basically driving us nuts making us wait for the "The Hunger Games" to come out. (But a few lucky people got to see it yesterday at "The Hunger Games" premiere. Jerks!) Taylor's already released her stunning video, "Safe & Sound" featuring The Civil Wars, and today we're treated to a one-minute snippet of her other "Hunger Games" soundtrack contribution, "Eyes Open." UGHHH, what's a sister got to do to get a full song around here?

As opposed to the ethereal and lilting "Safe & Sound," "Eyes Open" has a serious rock edge. We might even dare to call this song a power ballad! Taylor's gone bad-ass on us, guys. But of course that doesn't mean the song isn't chock full of Taylor's sweet vocals. She sings: "Everybody's waiting/ Everybody's watching/ Even when you're sleeping/ Keep your eyes open/ The tricky thing is/ Yesterday we were just/ Children playing soldiers/ Just pretending/ Dreaming dreams with happy endings."

Listen to a preview of Taylor Swift's "Eyes Open" after the jump.

Though we don't know where they'll use this song in the movie, Taylor has perfectly captured the horrific and harrowing experience Katniss had to endure to protect her sister while beautifully describing the tragedy that is Katniss' lost childhood. You've made us "Hunger Games" fans proud, Tay. Additionally, CAN THIS MOVIE COME OUT ALREADY? Kthxbai.

+ Listen to a preview of Taylor Swift's "Eyes Open" from 'The Hunger Games' soundtrack.

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