Listen To Danja’s Unreleased M.I.A. Track, ‘Doobie (High)’

M.I.A. and Danja team up on this lost track from the "Bad Girls" sessions.

M.I.A. and Danja team up on a lost track from the "Bad Girls" sessions.

Super producer Danja (who totally deserves that superlative given the fact that he produced Britney Spears' "Gimme More" and Pink's "Sober") is a bona fide banger factory. A veteran of Timbaland's exclusive production crew, Danja later went solo, and now he's the kind of guy who's got so many hot songs lying around, they ACTUALLY slip his mind. Such is the case with "Doobie (High)," a lost M.I.A. track created during her "Bad Girls" recording sessions. We love finding lost songs -- it's like finding treasure, but for your ears!

Listen to Danja featuring M.I.A.'s "Doobie (High)" after the jump.

On Danja's future-thump, synth-laden track, M.I.A raps about traveling the world, among other things. On the chorus, she rhymes, "I spy with my little/ something that can get you high," which we think puts a DRAMATIC spin on the children's game (unless she was just talking about hot air balloons). Recorded as far back as 2007, we cannot BELIEVE how it's possible that "Doobie (High)"'s been hiding away for so long. We guess this is a case of "better late than never," and "M.I.A. and Danja are so talented that they've got potential No. 1 hits just waiting to be discovered." Thank you, Danja, for releasing the track! We now plan to spend the rest of the day imagining what other secret club hits are living in your hard drives. Britney? T.I.? Pink? Snoop Dogg (or Lion)?

+ Listen to Danja featuring M.I.A.'s "Doobie (High)."

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