Listen To DJ Pauly D’s New Song, ‘Night Of My Life’ Featuring Dash, From The ‘Pauly D Project’

Listen to DJ Pauly D's 'Pauly D Project' theme song, 'Night Of My Life,' featuring Dash.

As any good "Jersey Shore" fan (so, that's... everyone we've ever met?) knows, DJ Pauly D's spin-off solo show, the "Pauly D Project," premieres tonight at 10:30 p.m. ET. And, as evidenced inĀ this sneak peek, instead of focusing on Pauly's 24/7 GTL regime, "Pauly D Project" will revolve around Pauly'sĀ transition from being a "Jersey Shore" housemate to becoming a world-class DJ. (We kinda already think he is, but we're biased.)

So, every new show needs its own new theme song, and when you're a globetrotting DJ, no rehash of some regular song's gonna cut it. Which is why Pauly D sat down and made his own theme song, "Night Of My Life," featuring Dash.

Listen to Pauly D's new song, "Night Of My Life," featuring Dash, from the "Pauly D Project" after the jump.

"As we finished taping my show we needed a theme song, so I teamed up with Dash, Joe Boom and "The Closers," Pauly explained. "We came up with this great concept. I wanted the lyrics to reflect my lifestyle and stuff that happened to me on the road. It's a really catchy beat, and if you listen closely we even chopped up some of my vocals in the bridge just to give the track some added spice and creativity."

The result is an uptempo club banger about calling up some shorties (on the Duck phone, one can assume), poppin' bottles, private-jetting it around the world and living the party lifestyle. And it's the perfect dance track to set the tone for the show that shines the spotlight on Pauly, his Rhode Island home, his friends and his life on the road DJing for Britney Spears (!!!!), taking up a residency at the Palms in Vegas and much more.

+ Listen to DJ Pauly D's "Night Of My Life" featuring Dash, buy the single, and don't miss the premiere of the "Pauly D Project" tonight at 10:30/9:30c.

DJ Pauly D on the 1s and 2s.

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