Listen To Kid Cudi’s ‘The Ruler And The Killer’ From ‘The Hunger Games’ Soundtrack

Listen to Kid Cudi's 'The Ruler And The Killer' from 'The Hunger Games' soundtrack.

This week has been a huge week for "The Hunger Games." Not only did we get to preview "Eyes Open," Taylor Swift's second contribution to the Hunger Games" soundtrack, but today we're treated to Kid Cudi's "The Ruler And The Killer," also featured in the film. And yes, we know what you're thinking -- a rap song in "The Hunger Games"? Well, believe it, y'all -- Katniss has to get her hip-hop on, too, ya know.

Listen to Kid Cudi's "The Ruler And The Killer" after the jump.

The song begins with sparse, haunting drums, setting the scene for Kid's chant-like verse. Amid a mess of electric guitars, Cudi rhymes, "Keep your mind in motion, yeah/ Explain, yeah/ Remember you belong to me/ Come on, we should get it going/ Now, what I want is specific, hey, hey/ You putting on a show for me/ The ruler and the killer, baby." Needless to say, this song is dark, angry, morbid and a great fit for a film that's about trying to stay alive while avoiding killer bees, insane monkeys and ruthless savages.

Also, I'd like to make this crystal clear to the Gamemakers or whoever the eff is controlling all this: If I have to write another post about "The Hunger Games" before seeing the film, I'm going to totally lose it. I mean, what's a girl got to do to see this damn movie already? Capitol, you are really testing my limits, and I wasn't even chosen as a tribute.

+ Listen to Kid Cudi's "Hunger Games" track, "The Ruler And The Killer."

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