Listen To Unreleased Britney Spears Track ‘This Kiss’

Britney Spears is arguably the most influential pop star of our generation, so we've gotta let her slide every once in a while when a less-than-stellar demo surfaces. I mean, it's not like Team Britney actually sanctioned the release of "This Kiss," let alone wanted the public to hear it, right? Right.

Listen to Britney Spears' unreleased "This Kiss" after the jump.

Reportedly recorded during Britney's prolific Circus era -- unlike "Ouch," Brit's most recent demo leak -- "This Kiss" lacks a killer hook and is rather chaotic both lyrically and melodically. In a somewhat bizarre vibrato, Britney sings, "Now you've gone, you've left me/ What's a girl to do.../ And right when I saw the door/ You walked in and I fell to the floor.../ This kiss, this kiss, this kiss/ Just loves you, my friend."

So yeah, not her finest hour. But we ride or die for Brit around here, so let's find some positives in this situation! First, here's an unreleased Britney Spears song! That concept as a whole has gotta count for something. Secondly, this is clearly a demo and would definitely benefit from some stellar production. Maybe someone can remix it? Either way, Britney's status as a real-life goddess affords her the occasional slipup. And if you disagree, then there's the door. THANKS!

+ Listen to Britney Spears' unreleased track "This Kiss."

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