Little Boots, Niki & The Dove, Marina And The Diamonds + More: 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week

It's Tuesday! Time for another round of "5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of the Week"!

This week's roundup includes an almighty anthem from my favorite album of the year (so far!), some electro-folk tribal Swedish quirkiness, boy band jubilee and certifiable bangas from a few of my favorite dance floor divas.

Let us all now join hands and dance around the maypole -- it's May Day, y'all!

1.) Marina + The Diamonds, "Sex Yeah"

Let it be known: Every single second of Marina And The Diamonds' delightfully devious second studio effort, Electra Heart (which was released this week in the U.K.), is essentially free of all flaws. "Sex Yeah," one of the deluxe tracks from the album, is one of the strongest songs from the entire era, as Marina serves some scalding hot truth tea: "If women were religiously recognized sexually/ We wouldn't have to feel the need to show our ass-ets to feel free," the Greek-Welsh goddess sagely declares.

Wait, I'm confused: Why hasn't she mentioned a club yet? Where are the bottles being popped? Surely there's at least one mention of getting sexy lady on the floor? No? Just a solid, rocking electro-pop anthem about gender and society? I'm scared -- and yet I'm dancing! Smart pop! Weird feelings inside!


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2.) Little Boots, "Every Night I Say A Prayer"

Back in November, U.K. electro-pop vixen-turned-full-fledged disco diva Little Boots dropped her legendary 6-minute opus "Shake," a slice of early '90s house realness co-crafted with Simian Mobile Disco's James Ford. Now Miss Boots is back with yet another delicious beat: "Every Night I Say A Prayer," which was written alongside Hercules & Love Affair's Andy Butler. Along with some strange, ambient whooshing noises and a gorgeous piano-led melody, the chanteuse once again explores the dance floor vibes from yesteryear: "I have seen into the future/ I want you to take me there," she coos during the chorus.

Throw in a few stuttering Euro-pop beat breakdowns ("I-I-I know where we're going!" -- pure early '90s Kylie Minogue!), and you've got yourself yet another throwback-turned-timeless dance tune from an album that's quickly shaping up to be one of 2012's most killer records.


3.) Niki & The Dove, "DJ, Ease My Mind"

Apart from Marina And The Diamonds, the only other thing I've been listening to on repeat constantly is Swedish electro-duo Niki & The Dove's fabulously strange/magical (stragical?) debut, Instinct. It's like a cross between The Knife and Stevie Nicks, full of pulsing tribal beats, pulsing beats and whimsical vocals.

"DJ, Ease My Mind," the lead single from the record in the U.K., is nothing short of a masterpiece. Originally released two years ago (!), the track saw a re-release in the U.K. after the group signed to Mercury Records and came in at fifth place on the BBC's Sound of 2012, and deservedly so: "DJ, ease my mind/ Play that song again because we were in love," lead singer XX sadly declares above a thundering drum beat, swallowed up in weird noises and distant humming. It's like a more emotionally devastating, experimental take on Robyn's "Dancing On My Own," yet just as amazingly Swedish and perfect.


4.) The Wanted, "Satellite"

When they're not busy landing in hot water for saying not-so-nice things about Queen Christina Aguilera (better known by her birth name, Legendtina) after their appearance on "The Voice," my bad British boyfriends from The Wanted spent last week celebrating the release of their debut North American EP, The Wanted EP. (Where do they come up with this stuff?) The mini-album comes chock-full of certifiable smashes, bangas and jams, including U.K. No. 1 singles "All Time Low" and "Glad You Came," as well as their current single, "Chasing The Sun." The other brand-new cut from the record, "Satellite," is a complete and utter TUNE.

Produced by Ryan Tedder, the space jam (see what I did there?) finds the boys stuck in a throbbing tunnel of tranced-out synthesizers: "Like a satellite/ I don't want to come down, I just want your love now," they declare above the surging beats. With all this intergalactic fixation ("Chasing The Sun"? "Rocket"?), perhaps the boys should take a cue from fellow boy-bander Lance Bass and start those astronaut training lessons. I hear Jupiter is lovely this time of year.


5.) Eva Simons, "I Don't Like You"

Eva Simons, the incredible mohawked songstress behind Afrojack's 2011 summertime smash "Take Over Control," is about to make a serious breakthrough on her own. After making waves in 2009 (ancient!) with her debut single, "Silly Boy" (which everyone thought was a Rihanna song), the dance floor chanteuse has returned with her latest sizzler, "I Don't Like You." The song positions Simons as a full-on dance-pop princess in her own right. "I've gone cold/ In the heart!" she screams out on the utterly explosive chorus.

While the song's already been out for a hot minute, the accompanying music video for the track just premiered last weekend. The clip follows the scorned songstress and a couple of her good pals as they start chucking furniture out from her old apartment and onto the street below -- along with some nice glam shots against a sea of disco lights, obviously. It's maybe the most glamorous demolition crew I've ever witnessed.


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