Mac Miller Tells Us All About His Tattoos! (VIDEO)

Breaking news from board certified doctor (JK)/Philly rapper Mac Miller: neck tattoos hurt. Really bad. We spent a bunch of time with the "Frick Park Market" rapper at the mtvU Woodies Awards down at SXSW in Austin recently, and dude was an open book. He gave us his thoughts on his fans and celebrity culture, and he even gave us his credit card and social security numbers. (Kidding about that last part.) But Mac did open up about his various tattoos, and he wasn't even a liar about it. You know what I mean -- all these tattooed people try to come at you like, "Nah, it doesn't hurt that bad." WRONG. As as the proud owner of various tattoos (college!), I'm here to tell you that ish hurts. Mac agrees with me.

"Every time I go to Cali, I just get hella tatted," Mac admits. "I got 'MOST DOPE' [on my knuckles], which sucks at the airport... And I got my neck done. The neck tattoo HURT..." As far as regretful tattoos go, Mac might be one of one people who doesn't regret any of them. "The only thing I regret is that I don't have enough space on my body to do more... So I gotta get fatter..." A headline coming your way soon: "Obese Mac Miller Named 'Most Hella Tatted Man' By Guinness Book Of World Records." You read it here first, bros.

+ Watch Mac Miller chat about his tattoos.

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