‘Mad Men’ Party Track Hits iTunes

Jessica Paré's cover of 'Zou Bisou Bisou' becomes an instant online sensation after it's performed on season-five premiere.
By Jocelyn Vena

Jessica Paré and Jon Hamm in "Mad Men"
Photo: AMC

During Sunday night's , Don Draper got a sexy birthday gift from his new wife and former secretary, Megan (played by Jessica Paré).

Backed by her beatnik pals, she performed a breathy version of the '60s French pop tune tune "Zou Bisou Bisou," which translates to "Oh You, Kiss Kiss."

Decked out in a little black dress, Megan performed the song with the eyes of Don's co-workers and friends on her. But she didn't just sing it: She also provocatively danced her way through the performance to the shock and awe of the partygoers. While Don, who was celebrating the big 4-0, seemed amused during the sultry summer performance, he didn't seem to want to discuss any of the events of the surprise party afterwards.

The song almost overshadowed the buzz about the premiere, quickly becoming an Internet trend thanks to meme-worthy lyrics like "zoobie zoobie zoo." "Zou Bisou Bisou" was originally recorded in the 1960s by French pop chanteuse Gillian Hills and was later covered by Sophia Loren in the film "The Millionairess."

The track is now available for purchase on iTunes and will be released on a limited-edition vinyl on the AMC website, as well as Amazon, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The site also adds that Matthew Weiner, series creator and executive producer, produced the track with the help of composer David Carbonara, Lionsgate TV music head Russell Ziecker and recording engineer James T. Hill.

The premiere, titled "A Little Kiss," caught up with all the show's characters after the tumultuous season four, which included business shake-ups, relationship shake-ups and political shake-ups as the '60s continued to surge forward.

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