Madonna Gives Serious Face In New ‘MDNA’ Press Shots (PHOTOS)

The release of Madonna's much-anticipated 12th studio album MDNA is mere days away (it drops March 26)! Being the perpetual pop ICON and LEGEND that she is, Madge knows how to get her fans pumped -- by releasing a set of steamy new photos, perhaps officially marking the beginning of MDNA-era Madonna. And hot damn, girl looks fantastic!

We know that there's likely a touch of Photoshop taking place here (it's America -- that's how we do things), but you can't deny the ultimate Madonna-ness that's going on behind those eyes. Being that comfortable in front of a camera is a skill (as most of my awful Facebook photos would tell you), and the "Gang Bang" singer has mastered it beautifully. Uh-DUH.

See what I'm talkin' 'bout? Madonna looks at that camera like she's about to seduce it... and then set it on fire. She is THE QUEEN of all queens. Well, I guess besides that one in England. She's like, actually royalty or whatever.

See more new photos of Madonna after the jump, and try to get some sleep before MDNA drops on March 26.

Credit all photos: UMG

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