Madonna Goes Hard During Tour Rehearsals, Has The Bruises To Prove It (PHOTOS)

Like we saw at the Super Bowl this year, Madonna goes hard during her live performances.

Everyone knows Madonna's crazy-fit 53-year-old body is made out of protein powder, magic spells and exercise bands, but it turns out the Material Girl is actually human -- she is capable of injury. We know! We couldn't believe it either!

See Madonna's tour practice injuries after the jump!

Madonna's currently prepping to head out on the road, and she took some time out to post some photos of her ouch-tastic injuries on Facebook (just like the rest of the kids these days). Homegirl isn't playing around! The "Girl Gone Wild" singer uploaded some VERY up-close-and-personal shots of various injuries on her body that she obtained during tour rehearsal, and we kind of love that she did this (SFW, don't worry). She shared two photos of bruises on her leg and bum, as well a very painful looking split lip. There's a reason she's the queen, guys -- she doesn't just let a few nicks and scrapes get her down. Well that, and she sang "Express Yourself," which we all know is like, the greatest song of all time.

Madonna's split lip! Oww/Gross!

+ Check out photos of Madonna's injuries from her tour rehearsals. (They're only kind of gross.)

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