‘Magic Mike’: Male Stripper Weighs In On Channing Tatum’s Moves

New York dancer gives MTV News his professional opinion on how authentic the 'Magic Mike' trailer is.
By Jocelyn Vena

Channing Tatum in "Magic Mike"
Photo: Warner Bros

Bachelorette parties, beefy dudes and dollar bills — oh my! It must mean that the "Magic Mike" trailer dropped.

And, yes, the trailer is filled with lots of Channing Tatum goodness — read goodness as: he's shirtless, a lot — as well as cameos from fellow hunks Matthew McConaughey and Alex Pettyfer.

The trailer follows the story of Tatum's character, Magic Mike, as he tries to balance his life as a stripper with a budding romance and his dreams of designing furniture. It seems that the Steven Soderbergh-directed flick, which opens in June, will have lots of heart and lots of laughs.

Now, after watching the trailer several (hundred) times, MTV News decided to track down a real-life male stripper to rate just how authentic it really is. Here's what we learned.

The Bachelorette Party
"The bachelorette party, the whole thing is totally legit," New York-based dancer Steve Stanulis, who goes by the stage name Steve Savage, told MTV News about the trailer's opening scene. "I mean, with the guys coming in as cops and the girls, like, getting all nervous. So, that's pretty authentic. It looks pretty good."

The Money
"The whole thing with the singles? The funny thing is when I used to go to the bank, they'd be like 'Oh, my god. Why do you have $500 in singles?' " Savage, who runs Savage Men and helped create "Stripped, The Play," recalled of hitting the bank after a night of dancing like Magic Mike. "And that would be like the ongoing joke."

The Dancing
"The show looks pretty good, the guys dancing and the whole shtick with each guy coming out with a different routine," he said of several teased strip-club scenes that feature McConaughey and Tatum getting their shirtless grooves on. "They're a little overly elaborate, with all the smoke and spinning, but again that's not something you would really see. I mean we're not going to see Fosse. I mean, they did a great job. All the guys look great as well. They're totally believable as dancers."

The Relationships
"The whole rigmarole, as far as being in a relationship and being a stripper, 95 percent of the comments of the girlfriends or the significant others give are like, 'When are you gonna give this up? When are you gonna get a real job?' or what have you," he said of Tatum's onscreen love interest, Paige, played by Cody Horn. "So, they really captured that as well, which is really funny."

The Ambition
"I also like the fact that he's talking about being an entrepreneur because all these guys, well most of these guys, are not just strippers, they're doing other things," he explained of Tatum's dream to make furniture for a living.

The Bottom Line
So, will Savage see the flick? "I would definitely go see it," he said. "I would def recommend it. It looks good."

Are you excited to see "Magic Mike"? Let us know in the comments!

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