Major Origin client update rolling out

Numerous user interface revisions dominate 9.0 "landmark" update for Electronic Arts' game service, set to release soon.

In May, Electronic Arts announced that it was asking for fan feedback regarding its Origin online store. Now, it appears at least some of the suggestions are becoming a reality. EA announced today that in the coming days, the company will roll out Origin client update 9.0, which the firm is calling a "landmark" revision.

Numerous user interface revisions mark the most significant changes in Origin 9.0. First, gamers' friends lists will be free-floating, allowing users to move the window wherever they would like. Additionally, the old navigation menu has been swapped out in favor of a new pulldown menu that EA says is more intuitive.

Another major Origin 9.0 update focuses on players' game libraries, specifically the size of game icons. With the new update, players can resize game images to make them as small or as large as they would like. Lastly, the Origin 9.0 update adds an in-game clock, a feature EA says users vocally requested.

Origin 9.0 is set to begin rolling out in the coming days, but users can try it out today by logging into their account and opting in.

Origin recently celebrated its first birthday, with senior vice president of global ecommerce David DeMartini calling the service's first 12 months "foundational." For more on Origin's first year, check out GameSpot's interview with DeMartini.

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