Mariah Carey (Kinda) Duets With Her Dog At The NFL Kickoff Concert! (PHOTO)

Mariah Carey sings at the 2012 NFL Kickoff concert with her ADORBZ dog Jill. E. Beans!

Carrying your dog in your bag is sooo 2007, guys. (Got that, Paris Hilton??) Now it's all about bringing your dog onstage! Mariah Carey recently added a little extra awww factor to her performance at the 2012 NFL Kickoff Concert! (We repeat: Mariah hit insanely unobtainable octaves while holding a glittery microphone in one hand an adorable pooch in the other -- mind officially blown). And are you taking notes, Miley Cyrus? You've got some competition, lady! Also, does anybody know how you come back in your next life as a celeb's dog? We're interested in applying.

The modelsque singer recently hit up Rockefellar stage in New York City to perform her new hit "Triumphant (Get 'Em)" while toting her Jack Russell Terrier, Jill E. Beans (we can't even with that name). Aside from looking slightly bored, we're definitely thinking the pup has star power! Actually, Mariah should totally have Jill E. as her sidekick at her new "American Idol" judging gig. Hey, Cee-Lo had a cat and a bird companion while judging  on "The Voice" -- so we're not totally barking up the wrong tree here! (WUMP-WUMP.)

Photo Credit: Splash News

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