Mario + Super Meat Boy = Super Meat Boy Galaxy

Developer Aubrey Hesselgren creates mash-up game using Unity and Blender as birthday present for Team Meat's Tommy Refenes.


The Super Mario Galaxy and Super Meat Boy franchises have come together. Developer Aubrey Hesselgren (who goes by Hilarious Cow on Twitter) has released a video of a "completely unofficial 3D version" of Super Meat Boy called Super Meat Boy Galaxy.

Hesselgren created the Mario/Meat Boy mashup for Team Meat developer Tommy Refenes' birthday. He used Unity and Blender to create the game, which meshes the worlds of Super Mario Galaxy with the blood-soaked jumping of Super Meat Boy.

Hesselgren said Super Meat Boy Galaxy is not much more than a "training exercise," and that it is not planned for a wider, public release.

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