Marvel Helps Battle Underage Drinking

Marvel Helps Battle Underage Drinking

By Kerry Fiallo

Marvel has joined Siemens and the Elks to combat underage drinking and provide resources for families affected by substance abuse through the release of HARD CHOICES. Marvel Custom Solutions developed this comic book, which features the Fantastic Four and other Marvel heroes helping young people make healthy choices, for the Elks National Drug Awareness Program to remind readers that "it takes the courage and strength of a warrior to ask for help."

Distributed to elementary and middle schools across the nation in an effort to encourage a dialogue between parents, teachers and students on substance abuse and how to get help, HARD CHOICES marks the first Marvel project Siemens has done in any sector. Siemens looks "forward to many more," said Connie Mardis, Director of Global Marketing Education at Siemens.

"What we're most thrilled about working with Marvel is the opportunity to work with these geniuses, these minds at Marvel to create something that could positively impact children and families," said Mardis. "They've been so creative, so flexible, so inspiring."

Along with the comic book, the Fantastic Four's message of combating underage drinking can be seen on an electronic super sign overlooking New York's Times Square from April 3 to April 16. This public service annoucement will be featured twice every half-hour for Alcohol Awareness Month.

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