Mass Effect costumes coming to Little Big Planet this week

Mass Effect costume pack comes with outfits for Shepard, Wrex, Liara, and Garrus.


Sony has announced it will release a Mass Effect-themed costume pack for Little Big Planet on May 21.

The Mass Effect downloadable content will cost £4.79 (approximately $7.28) and will contain skins for series characters Shepard, Liara, Wrex, and Garrus.

Commander Shepard gets a skin, plus N7 helmet, armour, and gauntlets. Liara comes with a skin, plus gloves, armour, and a head. The Wrex skin also features a helmet, armour, and gloves.

Finally, Garrus comes with his own skin, chest armour, gloves, eye piece, and head.

The DLC will be compatible with Little Big Planet 2, Little Big Planet Karting, and Little Big Planet PS Vita.

The pack also features a variety of Mass Effect in-game stickers.

In February, it was rumoured that UK studio Sumo Digital had been working on Little Big Planet 3 for "well over a year."

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