Mass Effect: Legendary Edition – Everything Returning Players Should Know

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition brings the first three games in the series together in one package, letting new players experience it for the first time with new visual enhancements. But if you're an experienced Spectre, you should know that playing the Legendary Edition won't feel exactly like you remember. BioWare has made some quality-of-life and balancing changes from the originals. If you're diving back in for your second trip through the galaxy (or third or fourth), read on for things you may need to know.

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DLC Is Sprinkled Throughout

In the original Mass Effect releases, DLC expansions were added post-launch as usual, so buying the extra stories would grant you immediate access to them. Sometimes there might be level restrictions, but in general, you wouldn't have to wait. The Legendary Edition includes almost all of the DLC across all three games from the start, but you can't just jump straight into the DLC. Instead, BioWare has spread out the DLC missions so that they'll appear more organically alongside regular missions. That makes it a single, unified experience, but it also means that you can't, for example, start up the Shadow Broker mission as soon as you start playing Mass Effect 2 (you can go recruit the two DLC squadmates, Zaeed and Kasumi).

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