Mass Effect: Legendary Edition – How To Romance Liara In Mass Effect 1

Note: This guide contains some spoilers for Mass Effect 1, so if you're hoping to go into Mass Effect: Legendary Edition as blind as possible, we recommend you stop reading now.

The engine that drives the Mass Effect games is player choice, and in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, one of those choices is who among your crew to pursue a romantic relationship with. In Mass Effect 1, you'll have some human options, as well as a non-human possibility: Liara T'Soni. You can romance Liara whether you're playing as a male or female Shepard, and it's actually pretty easy to do, if you know how.

The main trick with romancing anyone in the Mass Effect games is to speak with them often and exhaust all dialogue options. Interacting with your crew between missions is how you to get to know them (and, really, how you get the most out of these games), but it's essential to building relationships that can go beyond friendships. Here's what you need to get Liara interested and how to lock in a relationship with her.

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