Mattel 6″ Young Justice – Kid Flash (Includes some ‘Young Justice’ Spoilers)

There are some interesting reveals with the packaging of the new wave of Mattel’s 6″ Young Justice line.  First and foremost is the fact that Mattel is incorporating the new “Invasion” storyline that will be taking place in Season 2 of Young Justice into the packaging and the line.  You can learn a little more about the upcoming “Invasion” story arc in this new video on the DC Nation site  (it is in the last segment about Young Justice).

As they mention in the video, we will see some new characters joining the team, and as we can see from the side panel of the box that the new Blue Beetle will most likely be one of the characters. Also it appears that Lagoon Boy might be joining the team as he is prominently featured on the side of the box.  Lagoon Boy has already appeared briefly in the episode “Downtime” but it looks like he will have a bigger role in the coming season.

Other reveals are on the back of the box are for the 4″ figures ”Young Justice’ line.   We knew Red Arrow and Black Manta were coming.  We have seen Captain Marvel…er… I mean “Shazam” but he had not be confirmed by Mattel until now.  This is our first look at the 4″ Classic blue and gray Batman.

Kid Flash- The figure is built on the same body as the DCUC Kid Flash figure with some minor changes such as new calves/boots, fore arms and head.  One interesting addition that I didn’t know about ahead of time is the fun addition of Kid Flash’s goggles.   They are included as an option in the package.  His regular ear caps pop off and you can attach the goggles with attached ear caps.   He has the same articulation as his DCUC counterpart.

The base is of a sidewalk with a street sign.   It has 2 pegs on one end for the figure to stand on.  He also come with an optional “speed ribbon” that attaches to the figures back and the base that is meant to look like speed lines.   It’s an interesting idea/concept, but it take some adjustment to get it right and make it look effective.  The other two accessories are a clip on “tornado blast” and a clip on … I’m not sure what to call it.. a friction blast?

There’s some fun, outside the box thinking on this figure with the speed ribbon, the clip on parts and the swappable goggles and ear cuffs.

This sample provided by Mattel

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