Mattel Clarifies Some Cyber-Monday Questions

Mattel Reached out to us today to help get get the word out about some answers that Scott has been giving this morning about MattyCollector’s Cyber-Monday sale:

Hey gang, I clarified a little over on’s forums but to reitterate some hot issues:

1: Due to an error, for a very limited time the CM discounts were being applied to Castle Grayskull preorders. We have corrected this and any orders placed this morning will be corrected to full price and those customers will be contacted and given option to cancel. No discouts apply to the Castle.

2: Selection is always best on the first day, prices often the best on the last day. Please keep this in mind. While we didn’t have as many sell outs over the weekend, your best bet for the best selection is on day 1 of the sale

3: We do have a very tiny amount of CastleGraykull Man for sub holders and those who bought on Nov 15th. If you bought him on Black Friday you are only able to get a refund. No replacements.

4: This is definately last call on all the 30th figures. (Photog through CGM). They will never be offered again.

5: Pretty much all of our stock will be up today. If a fig is not up it is “most likely” he or she is gone for good. Their could be some exceptions, but since fans have been asking who is “gone for good” this should help. Also, come 2013 we will have VERY few day of older figures. We are looking to start 2013 with low inventory to make way for all the awesomeness coming through next year. If you want any older figures, today’s sale will be one of your last chances (if not THE last) chance to get these figs. After that it is new figures and the few “evergreen” figs we still have left. These are also rapidly depleating.

Things can and do change, all prices, figures and availabilty subject to change (including everything noted above). But I wanted to advise on this in case anyone is on the fence on older figures, especially the 6 (now 5) 30th figures. If you want to add these awesome figs to your collection, head over to before 11:59 Pacific today

You can check out all the deals and bargains on Mattel’s Cyber-Monday sale here.

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