Mattel Press Conference News

66 batman

Robin exclusive to 2 pack
Joker wasn’t ready yet but coming WILL have the mustache
Batman, Surfs up Batman, Penguin, Riddler and Batmobile.
Should have all likeness rights. Should be at least 3 more figures.

In Power action Btman
Riddler and Joker.


Castle Grayskull. Will be 1:1 with what you see. Will be a few tweaks for final. Has blaster, flag, training device, key hole for scare glow, orb holder, armor, computer 2 new weapons.
Will go back on presale tomorrow for $275 for 2 weeks.


Add on Filmation series sub on sale tomorrow all new characters not Heman. Good guys and bad guys. One wild card in series. Some available day of. Same price and package as regular line.

Other new figures Castaspella, Mantenna (almost 100% new tool). New adventures Heman 2 pack. New stackable stands. Can be tiered. Comes in a pack same color as castle.

4 pack of MOTUC clam shell protectors.

Strobo will be available to early access sub holders.

Ratlor armor will ship in next accessory pack.

DC u Sub

Elongated man comes with working magnifying glass.
New figures – Huntress, Fire, Shazam Jr.

Retail DC U
Batman beyond matte finish, new head and wings.
Damion Wayne Robin


Would love to do more.

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